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I admit it: I have been wishing for a macro for a while. I know I won’t be using it as a macro anyway, but once in a while I like to explore new possibilities. And being able to make some extreme close-ups is always something that may reveal to be very useful.

The Zuico 30 Macro f/3.5 is one of the new products presented by Olympus during the last Photokina. Among the newly presented products is surely the most “popular” one.
And as I saw the price of the new 30mm I told myself “That’s it! That’s what I want”.

The focal length is just right and it’s good to keep it as a jolly too. I avoided the 60mm because I thought it could be too specialized. 

Here is a photo you can’t take with a normal lens!! 

I got my hands on it on Day One (this must be the first time in my life, because I usually buy everything secondhand and it’s very rare for me to buy something that has just been released on the market).

It surely does an excellent job capturing the details of the decorative arrangements.

In spite of the elegant black box, that may deceit some people, the lens is part of the Premium series and it isn’t a professional one (the price already says it anyway). The camera construction, as usual, with its metal bayonet mount and its good finishes in general, reveals a good manufacturing.
If we consider the kind of photos this camera was thought for, the brightness fixed at f/3.5 is absolutely enough (everyone knows that macro pictures aren’t taken with an open diaphragm!!).
The focus speed has a sufficiently quick response too, thanks to the MSC motor. Of course, it’s not as quick as the new 25 Pro, but nobody was expecting something like that anyway. :)
The circular diaphragm also offers a pleasant out-of-focus.

It’s very good when used to take general pictures too!

As I already said, this is more like a first impression on the field. I really like the idea to have this kind of additional alternative to create photo-shooting that may be different from the usual ones and the optics size and weight in this case surely fit my philosophy. This camera fits well in your bag and goes easy on your wallet, but it’s a camera that can make a difference in your usual way of taking photographs and I’m sure it can make the true fans of this style very happy.

Traduzione: Laura di Croce

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